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Training Shorts Juniors - Black

Training Shorts Juniors - Black

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Empower your young athletes with the Junior Training Shorts, designed for the stars of tomorrow. These shorts feature a form-fitting design that allows for maximum movement and flexibility, essential for the diverse range of activities in a junior acrobat or dancer's day. The robust fabric stands up to the challenges of growth and movement, while the Acrotrix logo adds a touch of professionalism to their athletic wardrobe. Perfect for acro classes, dance lessons, or playtime, these shorts are a staple for any active young athlete.


  • Stretchable and durable fabric for growing athletes
  • Comfort-fit waistband that stays put through all the motions
  • Quick-dry material to handle energetic play and rigorous practice
  • Prominent Acrotrix logo for a confident, team-spirited look


  • Supports freedom of movement for all types of physical activities
  • Built to last, they are ideal for daily wear and regular training
  • Makes young athletes feel part of the Acrotrix community
  • Easy care for hassle-free maintenance
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