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Layered 2 in 1 Shorts - Juniors

Layered 2 in 1 Shorts - Juniors

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Our Junior Layered 2-in-1 Shorts, engineered for the young and the restless. With a supportive inner layer that hugs the body for muscle support, and a relaxed outer layer for a fashionable, airy feel, these shorts are perfect for young athletes on the move. The distinctive Acrotrix emblem stands out, inspiring juniors to embrace their athletic journey with confidence. Whether it's for acro class, track day, or a weekend adventure, these shorts promise to keep up with every jump and tumble.


  • Snug inner layer for consistent muscle support
  • Outer layer offers modest coverage and a non-restrictive fit
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric to handle sweat and splashes
  • Prominent Acrotrix logo for a sporty, professional edge


  • Dual-layer design provides comfort and confidence during any activity
  • Stays in place, allowing for unhindered movement
  • Ideal for the diverse demands of junior acrobatics and sports
  • Effortless maintenance for parents, withstanding frequent washes and wear
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