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Training Shorts - Maroon

Training Shorts - Maroon

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Step into the spotlight with the Maroon Training Shorts. These shorts, in a deep, rich maroon, offer both a pop of color and the pinnacle of performance. Crafted with the gymmers and acrobats in mind, they feature a comfortable fit and a length that promotes freedom of movement while providing coverage. The Acrotrix logo is displayed as a badge of excellence and dedication to your craft. Ideal for both rigorous training sessions and performances, these shorts are a statement piece for any acrobat's attire.


  • Soft, stretchable fabric for ultimate comfort and motion
  • Mid-thigh cut to balance freedom of movement with modesty
  • Sweat-resistant material to keep you focused on your routine
  • Prominently placed Acrotrix logo for brand pride


  • Maroon color for a bold look that stands out
  • Versatile for training or casual wear
  • Durable design to endure the demands of frequent use
  • Easy to wash and care for, ensuring they remain a mainstay in your athletic wardrobe
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